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A Tough Decision To Take

My apologies to my humble readers for not being present and posting here. Since December last year, I have been facing some serious problems in my professional and personal life. As many of you know that I am a finance pro and I love my profession. Internet has been for me a passion and my hobby. It is something I like to spend my time on rather than being lazy in front of the TV. Although, I do make a money out of the online world, my day job is yet my primary source of income.

Last year, I decided to move back to France from Ireland. In February, this year I quit my job and in March I was back in Paris. Honestly, I should say in this present economy, I was lucky to find a job so quickly and it is a great company to work for. It is one of the world’s best fashion design company « La Haute-Coûture » as we say in French.

The Salary is excellent and all the benefits that go with it. I should say there was nothing to complain about. But here comes the sad part. Even with this good job, I can’t afford to bring my family in France. When we decided to leave Ireland, we had planned to rent out our house as with the present economy, Ireland has taken a big hit and the housing prices have gone way down beyond expectations.

Today, I will be making a loss of 160k€ if I try to sell the house. I am not the only one; every single owner is facing this horrible crisis. The worst thing is that I can’t even rent it today as many, like me, have thought of moving out of the country.

My house is located 70 km from Dublin and hence quite far to commute and you can guess now, no tenants to rent to. Irish news has stated that about 1000 people are leaving the country each month. So who is left behind, the poor land owners who can’t rent or sell, someone like me.

The saddest part is that as I can’t rent, I can’t bring my family. Paying the mortgage premium and the rent for a flat (very expensive in Paris) is out of the question.

The Decision Time

After a lot of thought, today, I resigned from my Paris job and am heading back to Ireland in a month’s time. Yes, honestly the decision was not easy for me but looking at the circumstances, I think it is more reasonable and a priority to save my house at the moment.

No job in hand but yet a lot of hope. Sometimes, we just have to make sacrifices and take serious decisions for the well-being of our dear ones and for the future.

And the great news, I will be able to get back from my bachelor life back to my family life once again and also spend more time on my blog.

Do you think I made the right decision? I would love to get your feedback and comments.

Beware Of The Twitter Kit – Spammers Dream Come True!


Creative Commons License photo credit: micaeltattoo

Cybercriminals are on the merge of discovering new ways to spam the internet. This time it turns out that Twitter is in the range. is fully aware  and have been continually developing new ways of protecting it’s twitterers of all these cybercriminal attacks. I am sure many of you have noticed the recent change about Twitter’s Link Service .

Some underground forums are currently promoting a tool kit aka “Twitter Kit” which  has some interesting functions, it allows to send messages to thousands of followers using proxy settings. Not only that it enhances Search Engine Optimization. The tool also enables the user to search through other users’ followers and to send Follow invites to them as well as to break account limits set by Twitter. [Source : ] you can read more at this blog

Building My First Website!

I just finished building my first website!!! Youpie………….

Apologies for not writing anything for a few days now. I was banging my head trying to learn web designing. For the past two weeks I have been going through various videos on HTML, CSS and PHP tutorials.

I found this guy wonderful. His name is David Thorn and he owns the website He is english but lives in Germany. I was searching for some videos on and came across many videos but his videos really came out at the top. I quickly subscribed to his channel and started putting some notes and practice at work.

Click on the images to see full screen view

My first achievement.

Well, I would not say that it was love at first sight with my website designing. I had a to go through millions of transformation before I got it to look somewhat like a website.

After a  lot of struggling and tweaking I finally understood the perfect mariage between html, css and php, phew!!

Yeah, I was somewhat happy with the template but that is not what I wanted for my website,

This is the 1st website I ever owned even before I started blogging. I started with SBI. An excellent web hosting company. I would highly recommend anybody who would like to own a website without zero knowledge of how to build it. They have excellent backend step by step tutorials which will allow you to create a website in 10 days. But since I left them, I made a big mess out of my website and had to rebuild it.

Well, you may be asking then why I am I trying to rebuild it.

Since last year, my vision of the internet has changed and so has my desires. I now own 10 websites and have my own hosting reseller account so, it was pointless hosting Master Your with another host. I transfered to my account on December last year and this is how horrible The Transfered version looks old version. Can you see how I ugly it looks, I had to change it but how to do it.


And now it looks like this. new version

So finally, I am happy, Lot of PHP, HTML and CSS filled inside this. I still have a lot to do but at least it looks better than the previous version and I can start reposting articles on my website.

Well, my friends, Please, please do leave me a comment and tell me what you think about the NEW LOOK AND FEEL of the website. I would highly appreciate your comments and do let me know if I have to modify anything to make it look better.

Thanks and happy reading

My Heartiest Season’s Greetings For You

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

I know that 2009 has been a year full of challenges and blessings for many of you. May the peace and HOPE of the SEASON bring comfort to your souls as we move into a brand new year.

Eat lots, have tons of fun, make lasting memories, give to those in need, come closer to friends and loved ones, BE SAVE and “arm” yourself with all that is needed to make 2010 a truly successful year in every aspect of your life.

I truly appreciate your support and your interest in the value I bring to the Internet world and look forward to what is to come in 2010 and beyond!

See you next year! 🙂

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