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I just finished building my first website!!! Youpie………….

Apologies for not writing anything for a few days now. I was banging my head trying to learn web designing. For the past two weeks I have been going through various videos on HTML, CSS and PHP tutorials.

I found this guy wonderful. His name is David Thorn and he owns the website He is english but lives in Germany. I was searching for some videos on and came across many videos but his videos really came out at the top. I quickly subscribed to his channel and started putting some notes and practice at work.

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My first achievement.

Well, I would not say that it was love at first sight with my website designing. I had a to go through millions of transformation before I got it to look somewhat like a website.

After a  lot of struggling and tweaking I finally understood the perfect mariage between html, css and php, phew!!

Yeah, I was somewhat happy with the template but that is not what I wanted for my website,

This is the 1st website I ever owned even before I started blogging. I started with SBI. An excellent web hosting company. I would highly recommend anybody who would like to own a website without zero knowledge of how to build it. They have excellent backend step by step tutorials which will allow you to create a website in 10 days. But since I left them, I made a big mess out of my website and had to rebuild it.

Well, you may be asking then why I am I trying to rebuild it.

Since last year, my vision of the internet has changed and so has my desires. I now own 10 websites and have my own hosting reseller account so, it was pointless hosting Master Your with another host. I transfered to my account on December last year and this is how horrible The Transfered version looks old version. Can you see how I ugly it looks, I had to change it but how to do it.


And now it looks like this. new version

So finally, I am happy, Lot of PHP, HTML and CSS filled inside this. I still have a lot to do but at least it looks better than the previous version and I can start reposting articles on my website.

Well, my friends, Please, please do leave me a comment and tell me what you think about the NEW LOOK AND FEEL of the website. I would highly appreciate your comments and do let me know if I have to modify anything to make it look better.

Thanks and happy reading