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Hello My Friend! Welcome!


Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Nurul Chowdhury and a Certified Business Coach. My mission is to “help you move you from where you are now to where you want to go!” in other word help you grow your business and profits.

Before starting out as Certified Business Coach, I was an Accountant and worked in various Operations Management roles. I worked in big Corporate Companies like Xerox, Coca Cola, Pfizer and Nuance.

I loved number crunching and the best part was that I loved bringing continuous improvements to the various processes always looking for operational efficiencies and cost reductions.

How to be more productive, get rid of non-value add tasks and make work more fun by automating the processes as much as possible. 

I enjoyed my work because I was able to help my fellow co-workers and this gave me great satisfaction. Can you imagine how frustrating it can get when it takes a lot of time and when it is not efficient?

From Struggles To Success

Starting out as an entrepreneur was not as easy as it seems, I had my own challenges and success stories.

I too had lack of clarity and direction. And I learned along the way. The biggest breakthrough in my entrepreneurial journey was when I started using a coach to help me get through my obstacles and I still am with that coach. Through the coaching process, I learned to overcome my fears, take control of my life and create a sustainable future.

I was also able to apply the same principles which I gained during my financial career, to name a few, strategic planning, target setting and time management. And this allowed me to get me to the stage I am today. It did not happen in a fortnight but the end result was really what I wanted to see.

My Coaching Journey

The outstanding results made me realize that there are thousands of entrepreneurs who are struggling with their business and how can I help them to achieve the same.

Now you know!
I decided to take up training in coaching to become a Certified Business Coach.

Today, having the acquired the experience from the two worlds, I am able to call myself an entrepreneur (huh! Never thought I would be one).

I want to share my experience with you to help you achieve the same results through my coaching skills so that you too can have a clear Vision, a business strategy in place and actions that are realistic.

My Coaching Style

I have a very specific style of coaching; I combine both humor and seriousness into the coaching process. Coaching is meant to be fun and help the client feel at home.

I am a creative coach which helps me bring to life my client’s ideas and vision they have for their business, come up with proper marketing strategies and product ideas that helps them create a sustainable business model.

Coaching will help you discover your unique strengths, talents and strategies that will become powerful tools to overcome any unknown obstacles that come your way. It will help you achieve success in your business and personal life.

It is my biggest passion to help you unlock your hidden potential to a greater you, help you overcome fears that get you stuck from getting results and help you transform your life.
The heart of your business really is YOU. Put your Passion to work and you will succeed.

To your Health and Wealth and See You at the Top

Yours Truly