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Feeling Stuck in Business – What To Do

Feeling Stuck in Business – What To Do

What To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck In Business?

Nothing can be more frustrating than feeling stuck in business. I know that feeling…

It happens to everyone at one stage or another, there can be various reasons that can influence the state of being stuck.

It can be a terrible feeling not to be able to advance. That feeling of lack of motivation and clarity engulfs your mind and you don’t feel like doing anything. The feelings of overwhelm and the fear of not achieving results. Hmm… does it sound familiar? 

Seek out the reason why you are feeling stuck

It’s not always easy to understand why you feel stuck in your business and it’s best to first start understanding what is causing this feeling in the first place. It could be a specific reason why you are feeling blocked such as a lack of motivation, overwhelm, frustration, writer’s block, fear of doing videos, etc…
If you can identify the reason then you may be able to resolve this issue quicker than you think.

 a) Lack of clarity/direction

Often we are stuck simply because we lack clarity in our bigger vision and our goals.

It may be a good time to review your vision and mission statement.

  • Are your goals aligned to your long term objectives?
  • Are your goals short and concise enough to help you achieve them?

 b) Trying to be a Perfectionist

Sometimes we are not satisfied with our work and get so focused to perfect it that in the end we give up on it. This is a perfect example for me. And this is the reason why I am writing this blog post today. I get totally stuck when I want to either write a blog post or do a video. I want it to be always the best ever I could produce and as a result it never gets produced. Do you get that feeling yourself?

Just do it. Take action and post that blog or publish that video, etc… Perfection will come over time. And you can always can edit and make it better at a later date. The objective is to get something out there to your audience.

 c) Lack of Content

Another reason why I get stuck is that I sometimes find it difficult to come up with creative ideas for producing content for my blog and other social media platforms.

If it is for a video creation or blog post, first thing to do is select a particular keyword to work on. Then do some research on that top. I always try to do search on the keyword starting with the following

  • How to [keyword]
  • Why … [keyword]
  • When … [keyword]
  • What … [keyword]
  • Where … [keyword]

For example, if your keyword is “write a blog post”, you search could be

  • How to write a blog post
  • Why to write a blog post
  • What to write for a blog post

Note: Not all the above questions will be relevant for your keywords. Gather as much idea as you can and then put them into form for your content.

 d) Overwhelm can be a big factor if you are stuck

Overwhelm can happen when you have a lot to do on your plate. This can lead to nothing get done at all.

List out all the things that require your attention, rank them by must do it now to can wait for a later stage.
Next is to get yourself a daily mode of operation (DMO) which you will apply every day. The DMO will eliminate a lot of your overwhelm and frustration. It will help you get a back in the game.


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A New Year with  A New Start

A New Year with A New Start

Welcome to my Blog and Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year

I completed the build of this blog in December but decided to start fresh from the beginning of this year as I wanted to give my business a new start.

Yeah, it’s all in the belief you have for yourself.

Every year at the end of the year, I take a few days of to reflect on what actions I need to take for this coming new year. And this year, I really have a bunch of things in my list. I have been procrastinating for a while and it has to stop now, I need to come of my comfort zone and face all the challenges and fears with a brave heart. Wow, was that taken from a movie 🙂 LOL.

Anyways, I want to declare this on this first blog post so that I can come back to this post at the end of 2017 to see how far I have come and if I have really kept to my commitment. So here goes the list.

Get a new Smart Phone – DONE 🙂

Create an Instagram account – DONE 🙂 you can connect with me here @coachnurulchowdhury

Master Video – TO ACHIEVE. something I need to face hard and get doing videos to fill up my new Youtube channel –> SuccessWithNurul

Start Blogging – TO ACHIEVE. Yeah, I used to blog a lot, I still have my old blog but have not written a word since 2013. That is why this blog is a fresh start.

Facebook Live : TO ACHIEVE. Is that even possible for me. Well time will tell.

And the biggest commitment

I want to help as many people as I can to help create a side income or go full time and to help them gain time freedom and financial freedom so that they can be more with their family, get away from the 9 to 5 job.

Well, I am committed to getting this finished and I do need your support. Please keep coming and reading my blog and commenting, that will give me the energy and momentum to pursue my goals.

Let’s Start 2017 with a Bang!

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To Your Success!

Nurul Chowdhury



How my 4 year old daughter transformed my life!

Would you believe that my 4 year old daughter transformed my life style? It is still hard to believe but those 6 little sweet words struck me hard in my head.

“Dad you are never at home”

But before, I tell you my story, I want to let you in to why I am writing it in the first place. I keep hearing these stupid excuses all the time and it really frustrates me.

“It’s too late, my life is ruined”

“I won’t be able to succeed”

“My life is doomed”

“Oh you were lucky, I don’t have luck”

I keep telling my friends, colleagues and the people around me that “Nothing is Impossible in life”. Here is what I think and a firm believer of:

“If you have the will power to succeed, then you can achieve anything in life”

Ok let’s get to my story now.

The story goes back to 2002; this is when my transformation started. But I will go back a bit further to how I was and what happened next. It will make you understand why it was so important to change the life I was living.

In 1989, while I was working in my country Bangladesh for the French Electricity Company, I was offered to work at the head office in France.

I jumped on the opportunity and was enjoying the new life style in France. I had a nice pay, company accommodation and 4 return trips a year back to Bangladesh. What could someone ask for more!

Unfortunately, this happiness lasted only for 5 years until Dec 1994, when I was made redundant. The life had to continue, my wife joined me in France from Bangladesh in January 1995, and being unemployed, you can imagine how difficult it was to live a decent life.

I did not lose hope. I decided to take up the 1st job that came my way. In Aug 95, I finally managed to get a job as a barman in a big restaurant but the salary was minimum wage. But what the heck! At least I had money coming in.

After 3 months, I got a chance to become a waiter. This post was interesting as my salary was based on the percentage of Sales value and the extra was the tips you made. In some months it could amount to 30% – 40% of your basic salary. Money was good so was life.

We had our 1st daughter in October 1998. I was filled with joy and excitement. My daughter meant everything to me. Things started getting better for me. In 2000, we bought our 1st property, a 2 bedroom apartment. Before that we were living in a 1 bedroom apartment and now it was time to get to a bigger space for my daughter.

My job as a waiter continued in the restaurant. I was doing night shift. My day would start at 3pm and would end at 1am in the morning. I came back home at 2 am and slept till 9am in the morning. My day off was Monday and Tuesday.

Until now, I am sure you are saying when did my 4 year old daughter transform my life! Patience my friend, I am about to reveal to you right now!

It started in April 2002, my daughter was hardly 4 years old and started schooling as in France the children start pre-school at the age of 3.

So what happened?

Well, as I worked night shift and had holidays on Monday and Tuesday, I hardly saw my daughter. I was at home while she was at school.

Then one day, she looked into my eyes and asked the question “Dad, why are you never at home”. Tears ran down my eyes. I hugged her and said that I was sorry because I had to go to work. How could you make a 3 year old understand what work is?

Later, I started thinking. I said to myself

What am I doing?

What life am I leading that I can’t even give some time to my daughter?

What was the point of working and earning money if I can’t share the joy with my family?

Since that day, I became restless, deep in my thoughts, I was cursing myself. I need to change; I have to find a way to get back to a normal life.

The only way out of the restaurant life and odd working time was to rehabilitate myself. So I decided to take up further education. But if I go back to college then that means I won’t be able to work and that means no food for the family. So what do I do!

I kept researching for student scholarships for adults. After a month’s extensive search, I found the ideal course for me. But there was huge competition for the scholarship. “Heck, if you don’t try then you will not know if you will succeed”. Taking action and trying was more important than anything else.

So I took the entrance exam. Guess what! To my surprise, I was selected. Well, here is a start of a new life!

So for the next 1 year, I went through an intensive training course. The course and my salary for a year were fully subsidized by the scholarship. I worked hard. I was determined to succeed.

In May 2003, I achieved my Professional Qualification as an Accounting Technician and in September 2003, I was employed by the Practice where I did my 3 month internship.

Now, I enjoy my evenings and week-ends with my daughter and I see her growing up each day.

So what is the moral of this story?

I am a firm believer of these words “Where there is a will, there is a way”. If you really want to succeed in life then you have to ask for it. Nobody will give it to you in a silver plate. I was desperate to change my life and I have succeeded. Guess what my age was then. I was 37 when I took up my studies. So the age should not be a barrier or excuse.

I did not stop there. In 2006, at the age of 41, I moved to Ireland to get higher degree in Accounting and now I enjoy a better career achievement, respect and money.

There is no end to learning. In 2009, I took an interest in internet marketing. Well, the current economic conditions make you look for additional income and so did I.

I have built up a few websites around the passion I enjoy sharing with others “computers” and “cooking”. They are growing gradually. I am not yet an internet success but I am getting there with baby steps.

Success comes by sharing and I want to help as many people as I can through my stories and experience.

We all need a bit of guidance, a tap on the back and a lot of encouragement. I have learned from others and would love to pass it on to you.

I hope my story will inspire you and motivate you to take action. You know it is never too late.

A Tough Decision To Take

My apologies to my humble readers for not being present and posting here. Since December last year, I have been facing some serious problems in my professional and personal life. As many of you know that I am a finance pro and I love my profession. Internet has been for me a passion and my hobby. It is something I like to spend my time on rather than being lazy in front of the TV. Although, I do make a money out of the online world, my day job is yet my primary source of income.

Last year, I decided to move back to France from Ireland. In February, this year I quit my job and in March I was back in Paris. Honestly, I should say in this present economy, I was lucky to find a job so quickly and it is a great company to work for. It is one of the world’s best fashion design company « La Haute-Coûture » as we say in French.

The Salary is excellent and all the benefits that go with it. I should say there was nothing to complain about. But here comes the sad part. Even with this good job, I can’t afford to bring my family in France. When we decided to leave Ireland, we had planned to rent out our house as with the present economy, Ireland has taken a big hit and the housing prices have gone way down beyond expectations.

Today, I will be making a loss of 160k€ if I try to sell the house. I am not the only one; every single owner is facing this horrible crisis. The worst thing is that I can’t even rent it today as many, like me, have thought of moving out of the country.

My house is located 70 km from Dublin and hence quite far to commute and you can guess now, no tenants to rent to. Irish news has stated that about 1000 people are leaving the country each month. So who is left behind, the poor land owners who can’t rent or sell, someone like me.

The saddest part is that as I can’t rent, I can’t bring my family. Paying the mortgage premium and the rent for a flat (very expensive in Paris) is out of the question.

The Decision Time

After a lot of thought, today, I resigned from my Paris job and am heading back to Ireland in a month’s time. Yes, honestly the decision was not easy for me but looking at the circumstances, I think it is more reasonable and a priority to save my house at the moment.

No job in hand but yet a lot of hope. Sometimes, we just have to make sacrifices and take serious decisions for the well-being of our dear ones and for the future.

And the great news, I will be able to get back from my bachelor life back to my family life once again and also spend more time on my blog.

Do you think I made the right decision? I would love to get your feedback and comments.

How To Overcome Procrastination

I'm not working
Creative Commons License photo credit: quinn.anya

Procrastination is the act of putting yourself away for doing things at a later stage, what you can do today or right now.  We always find something better to do than to focus on important tasks or activities that we started to work on. This leads to doing many things at the same time and never really completing any tasks.

Everybody procrastinates to some extent, but this can become a real handicap to a certain extent in the professional and personal life. There is always a valid excuse of pushing things away for later. We have a tendency of pushing things that are difficult to do or which requires big efforts to accomplish certain tasks.

Let’s say for example, I decide to take up some physical exercise at home. Just when it comes to start some exercising, I suddenly realise that I have to clean up the room first, make some place to do some exercise, and finally that thought in mind pushed away the idea of getting to exercise. We always will find the best excuse to push things away when they are really needed to be done.

For your online business, it can create a real handicap. How many times I sat down to complete a task and then got distracted or those negative thoughts came into my mind, or the fear of not able to do it right and started doing other things that were really not worthy of the effort that I put into that task. One of my best examples is to look at emails or read what others have to say on the Internet.

This usually happens when I have to write an article for my blog. Sometimes I am short of ideas and that is what gets me to excuses. Yes, I know that is really not good but this is human nature and everyone falls into this trap.

In your personal and family life, it can be also very annoying. How many times I said that I have to pay the bills, I have small notes in front of me to say that I have to pay and yet I have not paid them on time. Then when the day arrives and you have no choice but to accomplish it, you, either make a mess out of it or you found that you are all stressed out.

Why do we Procrastinate and do you find yourself in the following instances

There could be many reasons for procrastination but some of the major reasons could be due to

  • Unable to organise your ideas, actions and make proper decisions
  • Finding the tasks difficult and you feel that it is not worth a try
  • Pure laziness
  • Tiredness
  • Fear of failure
  • Not focused
  • Fear of rejection
  • Lack of confidence
  • Don’t want to quit from that comfort zone

Yes these things also happen to me and I think every one of us has at some instance faced excuses of this kind. This can really be a drawback to your career, family life and your online business (if you are doing one).

Imagine your life with the diagram here below. Do you find yourself doing all those things that are marked on this flowchart. It would take me ages to get to the end of the sequence. Our life is not a machine but we need to model it around our work and family. There has to be a balance between the two.

Creative Commons License photo credit: jean-louis zimmermann

I am a part time Internet Marketer and have to also maintain my pro life, student life and my family life. Having things organised can really help me get to where I want. So here are some ways I have organised myself and hope that it helps you do the same. I am not 100% perfect but have managed to make it work.

Ways To Stop Procrastination

  • Take some time out and do a list of all the things that you have to do.
  • Then, rank them according to its importance and urgency. You need to prioritise them according to their relevancy.
  • Now estimate the time that is required to accomplish each task. Don’t underestimate the time that may be required for each task. Always keep in hand some extra time in case you can’t finish it on time. Depending on the task, I usually keep from 10mn to half a day.
  • Depending on the duration of the task you can then classify them into categories. Say for example the task that will take lesser time can be done straight away and for longer task they may be divided into multiple smaller tasks (if possible)
  • Make yourself a detailed timetable and set yourself real targets to accomplish them
  • Distraction can also be your biggest enemy. Eliminate all sorts of distractions for e.g. television, radio, telephone, messengers. These will only lead to procrastination

Now it is nice to have a big list of things to do and all planned in advance but you don’t get out of that comfort zone and start putting them into action then it will never work. You will find yourself again procrastinating.


To Your Success,

Make Your Dreams A Reality

You have the power and the opportunity to change your life. You can make anything you want of it. It’s not difficult, it just takes some effort.

See things as you would have them be instead of as they are. Develop a personal plan that focuses on what you want, not on what you have.

Your imagination will show you how to turn possibility into reality. Visualize your goals and your subconscious will work toward making those mental picture come true.

When you picture yourself as vividly winning, that alone will contribute immeasurably to your success.

Knowing your destination is all you need to get there.

Happiness Lies In The Joy Of Achievement

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. The human spirit needs to accomplish, to achieve, to triumph to be happy.

Happiness does not come from doing easy work.  but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demands your best.

Your personal growth itself contains the seed of happiness.  You cannot pursue happiness by itself.  There is no happiness except in the realization that you have accomplished something.

Happiness thrives in activity.  It’s a running river, not a stagnant pond.

Credits go to Your Daily Motivation for sharing this with us