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Creating Your Business Mindset

Here we go again. I just started a new training program. Well you know there is never an end to learning. The more you invest in your personal development the better are your chances of success. There is no age or time to learning.

After I received my first lesson, I was so excited with all the contents I received that I totally forgot about this blog. But from what I learned today, I thought of sharing them with you here. It is nothing new to me but it is always better to rewash your brain as we sometimes forget our good habits and tend to enjoy our bad habits.

I received about 10 step by step videos to proceed with. As is my nature, I like to go through all the content, before I start any work. My first lesson started with Focus and Mindset. I imagine that this is taught by all the leaders in this industry.

I think you will agree with me that it is one of the most important things one should master. Focus and Mindset are two important factors to be successful, no matter what your goals are. We start learning this when we are at school. I remember my parents and teachers advising me to stay always concentrated on what you do and to do only one thing at a time. At that time it was easy because you had lesser distraction. Well for me the only distraction was that I was crazy about football and would do anything to avoid studying. Not that I was bad in studies just that I did not like spending hours on lessons.

But gradually as the years go buy we tend to deviate from this. We forget what we have learned and lose track of what we are doing. We find that we get easily distracted. We want to do tons of things at the same time. We are very disorganised. All these are parts of bad habits that we accumulate as we become more adult. We forget all the good things that we have learned when we were kids and start enjoying the bad habits.

Another important factor is being consistent

Let us take from my personal example, I have never managed to be a model student, I used to focus just 15-20 days before the exams and really concentrate on my studies and that is how I succeeded. But the sad part is that if I had applied this technique consistently all year round then may be I could have scored the highest marks. If you can imagine the effort I made in 15-20 days, gave me moderately satisfying results but if I had put that same effort all year round, can you guess what could be the outcome. You bet the best of the best. Just joking. Well, even with these low rate of studies, I have managed to become number one several times.

Do you know why? Because I was determined to succeed. I always had a target and that kept me thriving for excellence. Even today, it is always a challenge and that is how I have set my goals.

The same principles apply for your online business. You have to be consistent and apply the same techniques over and over again if you want to see excellent results and outcomes. Do not do it for a day and come back again after a week or so.

Say for example; you write good articles and you have achieved some good audiences. These audiences would subscribe to your newsletter hoping to get more from you and if you don’t offer them on a regular basis then they would lose interest in you and you may as well lose the opportunity to make them profitable.

So be consistent in what you are doing and DO IT NON STOP.