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Finding Time For Your Network Marketing Business

Many newbies find it difficult to apply their time constructively and effectively when starting their first venture with Network Marketing Business. So much to learn and so much to apply that you don’t know where to start. Not only that, finding time is also a major issue.

Majority of you are opportunity seekers trying to find a way out of this economic downturn. Which means that you are either employed or a student and you have very little time to spare to concentrate and focus on your network marketing opportunity.

Don’t worry at all. If I tell you my story then you will certainly be surprised and think network marketing as an opportunity and you definitely want to succeed. There is always time and you just have to plan it and balance it with your life and work.

My venture online started about 18 months ago. And would you believe that I was not only on full time employment but also a part time student. I attended night class 3 times a week hence leaving me with 2 evening and the week-end to focus on my business. Yes I found it difficult until I followed a system and learned how to manage my time productively. Now it has become a habit.

Relax nobody is perfect but we can make that happen. Do you know that there is a saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”

Do you think you need to apply 5 to 6 hours or even more for your business? Absolutely not! Would you believe 2 hours per day could make you successful overtime ONLY if you apply a daily planned routine and follow a system consistently? Unless, you want to become a millionaire overnight, which I presume, you and I know can only happen if you win a lottery ticket and that chance may be once in a zillion.

So how do you do it? It all starts with creating your business mindset. During this 2 hour period, you need to focus on the activities that are of top priority. Success lies in prioritising the task that adds value to your business. Things that will make you earn money. Do productive work to develop your Network Marketing Business.

1. Write articles and post them to your blog and article directories

2. Read blogs and post comments to get backlinks to your blog or Network Marketing Website

3. Interact with like minded people, invite them to your blog.

These are some examples which add value to your work, not to mention there are tons of other things you could do.

Make a daily routine of things you need to do and stick to it.

Your worst enemies : Reading Emails. Yes my friend that should be the last thing on your list. On the Contrary writing emails for your subscribers would definitely add value.

Instant Messenger Chats: Yep, very time consuming and not at all productive.

So the Conclusion is set up a Plan of a TO DO LIST for each day. It does not matter if it is 2 hours or 1 hour. JUST keep it consistent and do it. Overtime you will see results are tremendous and your business growing.

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What’s working now in the Network Marketing Industry?

Feeling Overwhelmed with the Information Overload?

Are you in the same situation as I am in? Online marketing is growing fast and with it are coming new business opportunities. Every Shining Object seems like the next best opportunity and you feel like you really need that to join that program always in the hope to succeed online.

But this information overload can lead to frustration and thus you will find yourself drowning to a certain extent that failure becomes evident.

Here are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself.

  • How can I succeed online?
  • How to find out what’s working now in the market place?
  • What Strategies are best to use?

Yes,  having no answers to these can be very annoying. You have to be competitive in the market place specially if you are doing online business

Even an industry leader like Mike Dillard feels like you and me. If you have not come across Mike Dillard, then you should do a Google search to learn about him. He is the most renowned Network Marketer that you could ever find. Majority of the MLM guru’s that you see today have all had a training from him. His famous training on attraction marketing called “Magnetic Sponsoring” has changed the lives of thousands, may be millions. I myself am one of his students.

Well, today he wants to show you What’s Working Now. You don’t need to have multiple strategies to be successful online. One strategy properly mastered can lead you to the life you are dreaming about.

He talks about the 3 steps that is vital to your network marketing business.

1. Building a targeted list

2. Building a solid relationship with your list

3. Making money from your list.

Well, if you are still confused then you need to listen to what he has to say, it may change your life.

On March 24th we invited Mike Dillard to our Team Webinar. 3000 members had registered for this event, unfortunately the webinar could take only 1000 members.

So here is what the unfortunate missed….

1 Full hour with Mike Dillard. He addressed some of the issues that the network marketers are facing and how this could be faced.

Here is the recorded webinar… Mike Dillard’s Webinar

Enjoy it and do leave your comments