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7 Figure Code Course ($1297) given away by Mike Filesaime

Mike Filsaime gives away The7Figure code ($1297) to the first 10,000 people

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DATE: Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Here is an excellent course, which has seen success since 2007. Many of you may know Mike Filsaime. He is the author of Butterfly Marketing and the 7 Figure Code Home Study Course. He has many other business such as Paydotcom which is an affiliate program used by many internet marketers to sell their products online. Mike Filesaime is known for coaching and mentoring.

In 2007, Mike Filesaime organised workshop called the “7 Figure Business Workshop”. This was a 3 day event where the experts gave a presentation that pulled back the curtains on how they build their 7 figure empire. The attendees learned how they could convert their normal business into a 7 figure income.

The workshop was focused on delivering a step by step blueprint. It revealed what it takes to become a successful business owner.

The event was so successful that, Mike decided to convert the 3 day workshop into a Home Study Course (16 DVD’s). This home study course sold out then at a price of $1297. The 16 DVD’s gave a total understanding of how to get to a 7 figure business. A perfect step by step blueprint for any new marketer. It is so comprehensive that it will allow any established internet marketer to follow the steps and double or even triple their business.

Following are some of the key points that were discussed in the 7 Figure Code Home Study Course. Each DVD is covered by an expert where he talks about his expertise, the do’s and don’ts of online business:
– What really means a vision and the difference between a fox and a hedgehog when it comes to doing business.
– Mike Filesaime talks to you about his success story, where he was and where he is today.
– 14 critical process that can turn your business into a 7 figure empire.
– The sales process and pipeline yours customers must go through
– Why, When, How and to Whom you should outsource
– The fast profit methods of running your online business
– What are the tools and resources that you absolutely need to run your business.
– How to make the best use of legal tax legislations and how to protect your assets

Well I could go on. 72 hours of highly valuable information packed into 16 DVD’s is worth having for anyone who really want to succeed online. Each DVD goes in depth into real key mindsets and concepts that will lead to a 7 figure Online/Offline business.

So What is the Good News. Mike has decided to leave Guru Marketing. Which means that he is moving away from mentoring and coaching , towards technology. So the good news is that on this occasion, he has decided to give away this highly demanding course for free and for a limited time period to the first 10,000 people who register by the 15th of Dec.

Find Out More About the 7 Figure Code offer here: 7 Figure Code Video