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Hi Guys,

There are many ways to increase the amount of traffic to your website, and one of the most effective methods is known as viral marketing.

To use viral marketing to it’s fullest potential, you’ll want to employ many different techniques into the marketing plan of your site.

Some include great looking graphics, pre written emails, integration marketing strategies, pre-written articles and blog posts, etc.

All of the above will help to increase the traffic to your site by offering incentive for your existing members so they will do the work for you.

But one of the best and under-utilized viral techniques of them all is by providing a simple way for your existing members to tell their friends about your product or service.

Trusted endorsements by friends is the best form of advertising bar-none.

And what’s even better is it costs nothing to implement.

Many tell-a-friend scripts have came out and have been effective to a certain degree, but they lacked the features necessary to cause a viral wave of traffic that we’d all love to experience on our sites.

Well, the same guy who created the most incredible Viral Marketing script that has revolutionized the internet marketing industry and made viral marketing easy
for virtually everyone has just created a new tool that has been responsible for over $209,349 in extra sales just from two beta testers using it in it’s raw form.

The marketer is Mike Filsaime, and the new tool is
Viral Friend Generator

He just launched the completed version and I am thoroughly impressed.

Viral Friend Generator
is the next evolution in tell-a-friend technology.

In less than five minutes (the time it takes you to fill in the form and upload to your server)… you can literally multiply the number of visitors and subscribers your web site receives by 300% or higher!

It is compatible with all of the major autoresponder services out there and has many incredible features that every other tell-a-friend script just cannot compete with at all.

Put your marketing efforts into high gear with this extremely powerful new and easy to use tool that was put together by the Viral Marketing Expert of experts, Mike Filsaime.

Visit: Viral Friend Generator

To your success,