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Using Private Label Rights To Take Your Affiliate Marketing To The Next Level

Private label rights has been a hot topic over the last several years and for a good reason.

When you get private label rights to a product, you can take that product and turn it into your own content or your own product.

Imagine all the time you will save NOT having to create all the content…

As affiliate marketers though sometimes we are overlooked on the private label rights front, so today I wanted to dedicate this post to helping you learn how to use private label rights content to explode your affiliate marketing…

First off…

Affiliate marketing should always start with building a list in your chosen niche. This is key…

Simply setup a squeeze page giving something of great value away for free in exchange for the visitors name and email address.

Videos are incredibly awesome to use in your marketing because of the conversions that they can produce. Anytime you can get private label rights to videos you need to snatch them up!

Side Note: Liz Tomey has just released a huge package of private label rights products that include video workshops, video product, video reviews and so much more. This will help you a ton in your affiliate marketing and you can get the entire package PLUS personal coaching from Liz at Tax Man PLR Blowout

Now once you start building a list, you basically have a license to print money. 🙂

You simply find a product related to your niche and send an email to your list about it. They buy and you make money.

It really is that simple…

Now once you have your list, you can also do other things to profit from it.

Stuff like…

  • Adding bonuses for buying through your links
  • Review products and sending the reviews to your list
  • Create products that you own and sell to your list
  • And so so so much more!

    So here’s the plan step-by-step…

    1. Create a squeeze page that gives something away for free to start building your list

    Note: You can use PLR content to create your free offer.

    2. Review a product and create a message to send to your list that has a link to the review. You can then load this into your autoresponder and each person who joins your list will automatically get it.

    Note: In Liz Tomey’s Tax Man PLR Blowout package she gives you 25 video reviews of 25 different products that you can send to your list. You can get these by going to Tax Man PLR Blowout

    3. Find a product to promote to your list, and create a bonus to give to people who buy through your link. Create a message to send to your list that has a link to your bonus offer. You can then load this into your autoresponder and each person who joins your list will automatically get it.

    Note: You can use PLR content to create your bonus product. You can get incredible PLR content to create your bonus with by going to Tax Man PLR Blowout

    4. Find good PLR content and use it to create your own product. Create a message to send to your list that has a link to your product in it. You can then load this into your autoresponder and each person who joins your list will automatically get it.

    5. Rinse and repeat steps 2, 3, and 4….

    This is the best way to create an autopilot income hands down!

    If you actually DO this, then ALL you have to concentrate on is driving traffic to your squeeze page.

    So, there you go. There’s an entire plan using PLR content as an affiliate marketer!

    Now where do you get all this private label content from?

    I highly recommend Liz Tomey’s Tax Man PLR Blowout at Tax Man PLR Blowout

    Because she is my personal Mentor and she is Fabulous. This is my honest recommendation. Liz does not hide anything while she teaches. Some of Liz’s courses that I have done so far are :

    • The Lost Reseller Scrolls : Where Liz teaches you how to create your own products and make 100% profit
    • Underground Traffic Blog : How to optimize and get maximum traffic using free techniques
    • Zero to 10K a month : My latest course, the name itself tells you what you are getting here.

    In this package you’ll get private label rights to video reviews, entire workshop and coaching programs, products, and more that are ALL personally created by Liz Tomey…

    Not only that, but Liz is also offering personal coaching showing you how to use all the content too!

    Now there’s only 500 of these packages that will be sold, so make sure you go to Tax Man PLR Blowout right now!

    To your success!

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