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Mass PPV Will Slap Google, Yahoo and Bing Back.

Ok so you have tried most paid marketing platforms such as ppc marketing adwords, media buying and what not. The affiliate marketer’s tool box for promotions is ever growing resulting in mass confusion. You will find more and more wannabe Gurus advocate the next best thing since sliced bread when it comes to making a quick buck online. If you’ve got more SEO tools than money coming in, it’s time to take a look at your marketing strategies and pay close attention.

Years ago adwords was king with most internet marketers trying to master adwords to make a killing in their niche. Some very smart marketers have made millions using PPC and adwords, Perry Marshall being the classic example.

The problem I see daily is that unless you know what you are doing with paid ppc you will see your campaign budget literally disappear overnight.

There is a science to adwords that not many people can master in a short period of time. Especially newbie’s who are setting up campaigns left right and centre.

With the hefty cost per clicks involved in any adwords campaign you need to be looking at the ROI you are getting for your troubles and money invested. The trouble here is keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms, constantly being slapped and sent to implement black hat underground techniques, which don’t work in the long run.

Yahoo MSN and Bing are following the trend. Although it’s been said that MSN and Yahoo have great conversion rates. There is a better way of getting fast targeted results.

What if you knew of a secret marketing strategy that allowed you to buy traffic at insanely low prices? I’m talking cents here and not $10 dollars a click.

The Internet marketing industry is becoming more a more aggressive with thousands of people joining the online community every single day, backed by wannabe gurus who are teaching them that they can make quick money online. Leaving them out in the cold while they rake in 6 figure commission checks in their sleep.

Forget the Buzzword make money fast. The New Buzzword is Mass PPV Traffic at wholesale prices.

You can make money fast if you know the secret marketing techniques used by the real Gurus in the know, quite frankly you will not hear about their secret techniques that they use to rake in thousands of dollars a month.

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Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite 2.0 product review

It’s finally here! Brad Callen’s new Keyword Elite 2.0! Frankly speaking I was very eager about this new software as I used almost every software that Brad actually created because it’s really useful and powerful.

I managed to get a hold of the software and I was truly amazed by the new enhanced features and interface of the new Keyword Elite 2.0. To be honest there are tons of keyword software out there but nothing comes close to what this software can do. Brad Callen has always been the best in marketing software.
The software is a compilation of 8 different powerful components

  • Keyword Surge
  • Market Research Sleuth
  • Adwords Time Machine
  • Search Engine Dominator
  • Adwords Competition Sniper
  • Advanced Google Site Targeter
  • JV Diamond Miner
  • CPA Magnet

Here’s Some Reasons Why This Software Is Great

  1. No recurring monthly fees, It is an one time investment and you can use it for life!
  2. Ability to search not only in search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN but also other and all from just one single software
  3. Research your favourite hot profitable niches online
  4. With a simple click you can generate a massive list of profitable keywords in less then 30 minutes
  5. Copy and swipe profitable adwords campaigns from you competitors who are already making money – this is powerful tool
  6. Discover the secret: how top websites get top 10 ranking in search
  7. Find lots of JV partners online using the JV Diamond Miner – I love this feature
  8. and so much more…

1. The Keyword Surge

The Keyword Surge Option allows you to build your primary keyword list. Then you get the choice to create both long tail and shore tail keywords.

It has excellent filtering options. This enables you to discard the words which are irrelevant or are of little value. The choice is numerous, it is up to you either you will be able to create a small, targeted keyword list; or an extremely large keyword list that you can filter down as you wish.

It also allow you to generate keywords from Google Suggestion Tool, Meta Tags, and FreeKeywords too which is great!

2. The Market Research Sleuth
Now that you have found your profitable niche keywords, it is time to to analyze the keywords in great detail and this is where the Market Research Sleuth comes in. It shows you just how competitive a specific niche/keyword is in each of the paid “pay per click” search engines, which includes Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing (previously MSN). You can look at the trends of keywords and decide which one could be profitable.

With this tool, you will be able to identify a list of powerful keywords with less competition and more results in just minutes and sort out the most profitable keywords. Find high converting, low cost keywords for ALL major ppc engines, including Adwords, Yahoo, and BING!

3. The Adwords Time Machine
This program allows you to quickly and easily find profitable Adwords advertisers that you can mirror your marketing strategy after.

You’ll be able to input a keyword and see an entire 6 month Adwords ad history for ALL websites that have advertised with that keyword for at least 1 of the past 6 months. Thus you will be able to understand if the keywords are really making money for your competitors as normally only that makes money will have their ads placed every single month. That is where your trend analysis will be the most beneficial.

4. The Search Engine Dominator
Here is an interesting program. With this tool you will be able to uncover the reasons why your competitor is outranking you in the major search engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing ) for a specific keyword.

The tool also demonstrates what you require to ensure that your website gets aligned with the top ranking sites using SEO.

How many links do you have on your website? Well, the tool will show you how many may be required to get to the top rankings.

In addition to this, it will also inform you if it is worth investing money and effort on a particular niche.

All in all, this tool is really important if you want to get top ranked at the top.

5. The Adwords Competition Sniper
Well here is something I have been looking for a long time. Imagine having a chance to get a glance at your advertisers performance. Aha! now you have it!!

This tool is really excellent. It allows you to any Adwords advertiser in real time and see exactly how they are running their campains. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it. Specially if you are new to Affiliate Marketing, this tool will allow to learn how to succeed.

The longer the advertiser is bidding on a keyword, the greater the chance they are making money.
Well here you go. Just select the profitable campaigns and use apply them to your own Adword campaigns!

Et Voila, the money keeps coming.

6. The Advanced Google Site Targeter
So what is this technique? Well there are many highly targeted websites (high ranking) who use Google Adsense as a source of income. This tool will allow you to research this websites and let apply in your favour.

How does it work? Once you have found these websites based on your niche and keywords, you’ll be able to use Google’s very own “site targeting” feature within your Adwords account. You just direct your adword campaigns to advertise your own website on these sites that you’ve uncovered! Now you are really getting your reach to highly targeted prospects which means potential buyers…

7. The JV Diamond Miner
Tell me how big is your list? If you are struggling then I think this will really help you. So how is this tool going to help you build your list? Actually the tool will search JV partners for you based on your keywords. It does not just search any partner. What it does is actually is search for partners with newsletters.

Now that you found them, you will be able to offer your service to these partners who could promote your business to their mailing list hence letting you also build your own mailing list. It is called Integration Marketing.

8. The CPA Magnet
I don’t know about you but when I started in CPA marketing, I was disappointed because none of the CPA networks accepted me. Major of the CPA Networks denied membership. Luckily, Clickbank and Commission Junctions had accepted my applications. Or else my success in Affiliate Marketing ended there.

So this is what the tool really does for you. It allows you to search CPA offers based on your keywords, compare which ones are paying out the highest and the best part is that you don’t have to join them to promote their products. Only if Brad had created this when I started.

You’ll be able to search through 13,000 CPA and affiliate offers to find that perfect money maker!


To be honest with you, I have always admired Brad Callen and his great work. Keyword Elite 2.0 is really extraordinary. It has made my task easier. I used to spend ages researching my keywords where as now one click and in a matter of minutes you have your results.
When I first started, I felt a bit uneasy with the new functionalities but with the some practice I realised that finally, it wasn’t complicated. This a tool for any network marketer. Either you are a newbie or experienced, in both the cases, this software will surely reduce your time.

It is a must have tool for all bloggers and marketers.

For more information on the software do check out the software for yourself Click Here for More Information!