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I Help Business Owners Increase Profits …By Reducing Overwhelm & Complexity

Done With You Customized Systems & Automations Guaranteed To Produce Immediate Results 

Nurul Chowdhury Business Coach

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How Much Is Inconsistent Revenue & Lack Of Cash Flow Costing You?

Most people struggle to have consistent growth and sales. When you don’t create a dependable system for growth and profits …

Feast or famine situation;

Not enough time in a day;

Struggling to scale the business;

Worried about business all the time;

Afraid to hire a team;

Less time spent with the family;

As Entrepreneurs, we started a business in the first place because we want to be in control of our time and money.

Most business owners are great at serving their customers but they don’t know how to generate a consistent stream of reliable revenue each month. Instead, the business goes through a seemingly endless cycle of “feast or famine”. And that’s so frustrating and stressful.

Watch the free on-demand class and discover how to finally get the stable success you deserve.

Get A Measurable Increase In Sales In The Next 90 Days (And Then Put That Momentum On Autopilot).

Make Your Previous Ad Efforts Work For You

If you have a database of prospects or existing customers, there’s a great chance that you can get an impressive surge of immediate sales just by sending a marketing campaign to them. Getting your campaign in front of these prospects is usually free.

Eliminate The Bottlenecks in Your Business

We’ll work with you to find the gaps and guide you in creating marketing campaign that you can deploy in your business to generate more surge of revenue without having to spend more on Ads.

Immediate Revenue

Our job is to generate a surge of measurable revenue in 90 days or less. We work in 90 day cycles, this allows us to produce targeted results that is measurable and also achievable in that time frame. We will look at your current system and make gradual tweaks to optimize every process for your business.

Here’s What To Do Next!

Step 1: Watch The Class

Join in on a fun and interactive demo where you can get your questions answered and see how everything works. You can even get our recommendations for which campaigns and funnels are best for your business.

Step 2: Get A Roadmap

RainmakerAI has lots of features. You might not need them all. (And why pay for something you don’t need?) Discover the plan that works best for you and feel confident that you made the right choice.

Step 3: Watch Revenue Grow

RainMakerAI helps you get more leads. And it helps you stay in tough with them with pre-built, template based, automated follow up. Plus, you’ll be sending your prospects to pages that convert.

It Seems Like Everyone Promises The Moon.

How Do You Know This Will Really Be Different?

We know that you want your business to be well known, respected, and successful.

In order to do that, you need a simple and reliable way to get new leads and an easy way to automatically follow up with them, build your credibility, and turn them into customers consistently.

The problem is that while most businesses are amazing at making their customers happy, nobody really shows you how to generate new customers in a way that’s dependable and cost effective.

Ads are expensive (and it’s hard to know if they’re working). Referrals are great but it can feel awkward to ask for them (and they’re not always consistent).

 Plus, many business owners simply don’t have enough hours in the day to focus on generating new sales. You’re already working hard enough just running the day-to-day operations.

 That can make you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. And let’s face it, “slow months” can be downright scary and stressful.

 We understand the fact that as a business owner, you are truly part of the very backbone of our society.

 Think about it. Business owners are the ones who come up with new products and new ways to solve problems.

 Business owners are the ones who provide the jobs.

 Business owners are the ones who pay the most taxes.

 And that’s why we believe you deserve to have the success and recognition you want.

 You’re the one who takes the most risk and works the longest hours. So you’re the one who deserves the highest reward.

 But marketing your business can be overwhelming, complicated, and expensive.

 And a lot of times, the marketing plans that sound great on paper can end up leaving you with nothing more than a hole in your pocket.

 That’s why we’ve spend years discovering what works best …and using that insight, we bring you done-with-you marketing campaigns that are cheap and (often free) to deploy …and proven to work.

 Here’s what to do next.

First, watch the free on-demand class.

It will give you some ideas on ways to generate immediate revenue in your business whether you choose to work with us or not.

It will also give you an idea of how we can help you and the specific ways we bring in revenue for clients.

If you enjoy that class, it will tell you what to do next to explore working together.

But regardless of whether or not we work together, this free class will definitely help you.

So press the red button below and tell us where to sent it.