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Blog Posting – A Good Source of Inbound Links

One of the most popular aggressive marketing techniques relies on blog posting as a great source of getting traffic and inbound links. While two way links are a necessity if you wish to promote your website and rank high in the search engines, blog posting delivers another important element of search engine optimization –  The one-way link.

When posting on blogs you are allowed to include a live link in your message. Of course, this varies from blog to blog, and some blogs have comment moderation turned on, which sometimes makes it difficult to get inbound traffic as the webmasters will edit-out your links if they are not appropriate.

Blogs are one of the most interesting and dynamic Internet phenomena and they are, as many professional Internet marketers already know, a constant source of traffic. And to add some spice to the statement, Search Engines love blogs as they are the source for fresh content. This is why you should visit as many blogs related to your website topic and comment on the articles and posts they have. But when you do comment, write something relevant to the article you are commenting on.

Remember that you can place a link in your post, but don’t overdo it, as you can easily get labeled as a “spammer” if you do so. The one-way links that come from blogs may really boost your search engine rankings, especially since there are plenty of blogs with a high Google Page Rank.

Techniques For Getting Your Messages Posted on Blogs

Most blog owners will actively manage their blogs and they will instantly delete any message that has even a small resemblance to anything commercial or spam or not relevant to the article in question.

Here are a few useful tips on how to promote your website through your blog messages without making your comments sound like a sales pitch:

* Make sure to actually read some of the posts on that blog and create a custom message to suit the context. Don’t go with a template comment as that will quickly backfire and chances are a large majority of your posts will get deleted within days.

* Don’t place a lot of links in your message. One is enough. If the blog allows HTML, make sure to insert a keyword rich description in the link anchor, as that will boost your page rankings even further.

* Add valuable content with your message. You know how important article submissions are and how blog owners are used to posting whole article on their blog. Do the same with your message – don’t post a 2-line message. Instead, create an article-like comment that brings some updated news on a particular topic and then adapt this message to the context of the blog you are posting on.

* It’s a good idea to select  a good number of blogs relevant to your niche (say 35-40 blogs) that have high traffic and excellent search engine rankings and be a constant poster. At first, convince the blog owners that you are not a spammer by posting relevant comments without any links or promotional language. Once you prove to be “one of the team” you can insert some non-intrusive links to your website, which they will produce excellent results!

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