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Why is it difficult to Generate Leads From Facebook?

We all know that Facebook is the biggest Social Networking Community in the world and has an Alexa Ranking of 2nd place just after Google who is in the 1st position. Imagine the number of people who are members in Facebook.

According to me, it is the best place to attract people to your business but are we doing it the right way?

I find that people are more business focused than socialising with these communities. Members in Facebook are from different cultural beliefs and thoughts and not everyone is interested in doing a business.

Let us take my example for instance; I have been in Facebook for a long time now. When I joined Facebook, it was to interact with my friend circle and family members. I started getting friends invites from various people in the community. By curiosity, I added them as my friends. Luckily in the beginning, they were more friends from different countries with whom I have built up a good relationship.

And then there were these others who just send you invites to their business. I just ignored them because at that time, my mindset was focused on doing my job and I was a bit sceptical about doing business on the internet. Well to tell you frankly, I hardly knew how to surf, forget all these websites and blogs and all those stuff…

Here is how these people approached me. First they added me as their friend and once I accepted them, there was no welcome note like “Hi, Hello, What do you do…. Thanks for accepting…”.

The next thing you see is

“Hi Nurul, I came across this wonderful opportunity that I need to talk to you about. It will earn you tons of money on the internet working from home. Everything is setup. All you have to do is JOIN and that’s it. You will start earning money. I joined myself and I have already made loads of money and they pay me every week”

You can feel straight away that this person is desperate to earn money and is begging you to join him so that I can make him that extra cash.

So what do I do D E L E T E them and ignore this person completely. Here is another example.

Imagine you are invited to a friend’s party and you meet loads of new people there. What should be your 1st approach?

Hi my name is Nurul and here is my business card. Do come and visit my website.

Or should it be…

Hello, my name is Nurul, nice to meet you, so what do you do, and where do you live, are you married, do you have kids, where did you spend your vacation, and have you travelled a lot…. Then you talk about your life, family, job etc…

Which do you think will bring this person closer to you, the 1st or the 2nd? I am sure you are talking about the 2nd approach.

Because in the 1st approach, you hardly try to learn about that person and you are totally focused on getting your business before your relationship. In the second, you try to know the person and he/she is trying to learn about you. Then may be in the 2nd or 3rd meeting, you could say…“Hey, I have an online business, if you are interested to learn about it then do give me a buzz..”

So you see you still have not told him what you do but put a bait. So if this person is really interested to learn about you then he/she will come to you. This is what we call Attraction Marketing or in Mike Dillard’s term The Magnetic Sponsoring.

So what happened now, you are no longer pitching (promoting) your business to the person but the person is interested in learning more about what you do. That is when you send him to your website.

That is what Facebook is all about. We make loads of friends and interact with them. We try to learn what others do and also let them know what we do. The more people get to know you better, the better will be the chance of getting people to come and visit your website/blog.

Don’t pitch your business; they will not click your links.

For promoting your business, here is an advice. Create a fan page or a group and invite them to join and this is where you can put details about your business.. If anybody is interested then they will come and visit your website.

You know the Golden Rule that always works “Ask yourself, how you would feel if you were in that person’s place”

I hope this information has been helpful. Happy reading

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